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Courtney Cox gets hands-on with home renovation

Photo by Alan Light

Getting hands-on with home décor and renovation is not only for people who can’t afford to hire professional architects and interior designers. Today even the rich and famous are getting in on the do-it-yourself trend.

According to an interview in Elle Décor magazine, Hollywood actress Courtney Cox wasn’t afraid to involve herself in every facet of her recent home renovation. Cox, best known for her role as Monica in the hit sitcom Friends, began training to become an architect before her acting career exploded and eclipsed her architecture aspirations.

She was recently able to put her design skills to use, however, at her new home on California’s Pacific coast. Her new home is more than just a house – the property’s features include a saltwater pool, a tennis house and more than one guest house. The house itself has a private screening room as well as other luxurious features. Cox requested multiple hours-long meetings with her architect, Michael Kovac, and interior designer Trip Haenisch. During these meetings she helped detail the look she desired and went over every detail with the team.

The 46-year-old actress even got her hands dirty with her designers, rejecting commercially available paint colours in favour of mixing paints on paper plates herself in a quest to find the right pigment combinations.

Her goal for her home was a look she refers to as “modern barn.” She told Elle Décor, “I’ve been overseeing renovations for my homes for a long time, and I have strong opinions and what I want and why.” The new home is located on two acres of property and provides more privacy for the television and film star, who is frequently accosted by paparazzi.

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